Support Local Small Business in Sydney

Small businesses in Australia employ over 4.5 million workers and contribute $360 billion to the economy annually.  Small businesses are profusely Australian owned and operated and deserve our support to encourage reinvestment and job creation.

We are immensely surrounded by small businesses in our everyday lives; local business creates pockets of communities which are beneficial to the public and local town centres.  This is beneficial in sustaining our environment; creating vibrant, tight knit and walk-able communities reduces the use of vehicles on the road and therefore reducing emissions and pollution.


Locally owned businesses build a sense of positive community well-being, enhancing locals with economic and social relationships.  Furthermore, locally owned businesses have a strong influence, consider the impact to the community when making important decisions and contribute to local causes.

Large chain businesses tend to divert their revenue offshore to foreign networks with a lower investment percentage being reinvested back to the local economy.  On the contrary, small business is more likely to reinvest their earnings into the community as they build their business


Increasing competition is the best way to ensure low prices, with an exorbitant number of small businesses in competition with large business chains, it encourages innovation and opportunity.  This can be seen in today’s marketplace, small business is seeing opportunities with the innovation of lead generation websites.  Regardless if you are looking for removalists Sydney, caters in Sydney or florists Sydney there are quote comparison websites that allow the consumer to easily target a service, have their requirements compared and a competitive quote offered.  The end result, providing opportunity to small business, increases competition over time and saving the consumer time and money.