The importance of the film festival

Every June for 12 days, Sydney attracts international and local film makers to the annual film festival.  Films are showcased at venues across the city, with 12 films being selected to battle for the Sydney Film prize worth $60,000.  Since its beginning in 1954, the film festival has developed an important role in shaping our city.  Let’s have a close look at these advantages.


Support for local talent

The film festival provides strong support for local filmmakers.  This encourages the local film community and attracts support from locals, friends and family, generating into higher revenue from ticket sales.


Showcases upcoming talent

Filmmakers wanting to show their talent in the film industry can submit a film and go through the process of acceptance to the film festival.  With awards and cash prizes, it is an incentive for recognition and an opportunity to showcase skills


Promotes tourism

The Sydney Film Festival attracts tourists from all around the word.  With red carpet events, there are many who would flock to get a glimpse of their favourite actors and directors.  Media who cover the festival would also be promoting their impression of our city.


Opportunity to network

The festival provides a ground for filmmakers, supporters, media professionals to network with likeminded people in the same industry.  Networking establishes important opportunities and possibilities that can lead to something great


Economic benefits

Consumer spending has a positive effect in city.  The film festival consumes many resources and requires in depth organization before, during and after the event.  With increased foot traffic, retailers and service providers will see a boost in business; all is beneficial to the economy.


Brings the community together

Festivals generally bring a buzz to the community, producing an atmosphere among locals that is both exciting and full of pride.  This creates business opportunities and collaborative friendships.